Medicare Explained

If you are approaching retirement age, but have not yet read much about Medicare, the time to do so is now. Through Medicare, you could acquire health insurance benefits that make it much easier to afford health services as you age. Several parts of Medicare can be purchased, and certain benefits can even be obtained at no cost.

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What is Medicare?

The Medicare health insurance program is a federal program that provides affordable health care coverage to millions of Americans. To qualify, you must be either disabled or age 65 and older. The benefits you receive through this plan vary depending on what you choose to enroll in, but a majority of health services are typically covered.

Parts of Medicare

Medicare is divided into four separate parts:

Choosing a Medicare Plan

Once you have confirmed that you are eligible for Medicare, the next step is to apply. Usually, people who meet the eligibility requirements will be accepted shortly thereafter. Afterwards, they need to choose a plan that meets their needs.

The options include Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage. To learn which one is best suited for your current health needs, get in touch with an agent from Medicare Advisor of Louisiana LLC .