Medicare Advantage PPO Plans

Through Medicare Advantage plans, people are granted significant flexibility and awesome benefits, but we always suggest that you consider the different types of Medicare Advantage plans that are available.


Through a PPO, you get the flexibility of a broad network and the ability to see any doctor you like. If this sounds valuable to you, keep reading.

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What is Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage is the private health insurance option, also known as Part C of the Medicare program. With an Advantage plan, you get your Medicare benefits directly from a private insurance company, rather than the government. The companies that sell these plans are contracted by Medicare, which keeps people from being misled or scammed.

Medicare Advantage Benefits

Medicare Advantage plans offer the same core benefits as Original Medicare. You get Part A coverage and Part B coverage, and in some cases, Part D coverage as well. This means you have most of your health care needs covered through an individual plan. You also have the option to acquire unique benefits that are not available through Original Medicare. Some of these extra benefits include hearing, vision, and dental coverage. 

Medicare Advantage PPO Plans

PPO plans are offered by most insurance companies. These major health insurance plans allow you to gain greater opportunity to see doctors and health care providers that you want to see. PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization, meaning you can see your preferred providers or any provider you like. If you choose providers that are within the plan’s network, you will be able to do so at lower costs than if you went to someone outside of the network. Though, unlike other plans, a PPO plan actually allows you to have visits with out-of-network providers covered. 

PPO Plan Costs

Because PPO plans offer such flexibility, they tend to cost more than alternatives, like HMOs. Before choosing a PPO plan, be sure that you actually need the additional access to out-of-network providers. If not, it may make sense to go with a more affordable plan.

Find a PPO Plan with Medicare

There are many Medicare Advantage PPO plans to choose from. Don’t let them get you confused about what you need. Start shopping with the skilled counsel of a Medicare specialist from Medicare Advisor of Louisiana LLC. We can start you off with a free quote on coverage in your area.