Medicare Advantage Unique Needs Plans

Medicare Advantage vendors offer Unique Needs Plans for individuals with unique needs. These plans limit eligibility to people who meet specific criteria, such as a chronic condition or disability. Speaking to an insurance agent is the best way to find out which unique needs plans are available in your area.

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What is Medicare Advantage?

Through a Medicare Advantage Plan, you get your Part A, Part B, and sometimes Part D coverage. Part A is hospital insurance, Part B is medical insurance, and Part D is prescription drug coverage. Together, these parts make up full coverage. With Advantage, you get all of this coverage under a single plan.


You can also get other benefits that are not included in Original Medicare. Some examples of these extra benefits include:

Work with an insurance agent to get the best assortment of benefits.

What Are Medicare Unique Needs Plans?

Through a Medicare Advantage Unique Needs Plan, you can get benefits that help you acquire care for a specific condition you have been diagnosed with.


Some situations that qualify people for Unique Needs Plans include:

Do You Have Unique Needs?

If you or a loved one has unique needs, a Unique Needs Plan may be appropriate. To learn more about finding a Unique Needs Plan in your area, get in touch with Medicare Advisor of Louisiana LLC.