Medicare Advantage HMO Plans

Once you become eligible for Medicare, you will have the option to choose Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage. While a majority of Medicare recipients use Original Medicare, there are many upsides with Medicare Advantage. For one, you have the choice to choose between several different types of plans.


For example, Medicare Advantage HMO plans are offered to all Medicare recipients. They offer limited access to providers, but are incredibly affordable.

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What is Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage is a federal health insurance program that makes coverage available to people who suffer from qualifying disabilities and people who are age 65 or older. These plans are sold as an alternative to Original Medicare, which is the primary plan offered by the Medicare program. With Medicare Advantage, you get the same core benefits as you would with Original Medicare, only your benefits are offered through a private health insurance company rather than the government entity.

Benefits with Medicare Advantage

You get your Part A and Part B benefits whether you choose Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage. The main difference between the two is that Medicare Advantage plans can also include prescription drug coverage, which you would need to purchase separately through Part D if you had Original Medicare. There are also additional benefits that can be found in a Medicare Advantage plan. These benefits are not at all available to Original Medicare plan members. Some examples of these benefits include:

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Medicare Advantage HMO Plans

Medicare Advantage has several types of plans for beneficiaries to choose from. Around 16 million people choose Medicare Advantage HMO plans for their primary coverage. With an HMO, you are only allowed to see providers that are in your plan’s network. Though, you can do so at a dramatically lowered cost.


The downside with HMO plans is that you cannot see providers who are outside of your network. Doing so will result in you being found liable for the total cost of any services you acquired. If you want more flexibility with who you can see, we recommend you get a PPO plan instead.

HMO Costs

HMO plans are inexpensive compared to other Medicare plans. With an HMO, your out-of-pocket limit is somewhere between $3,000 and $5,000. Usually you will not pay more than this for any health care services that you receive. Though, you do still need to make your premium payments on-time. 

Get a Medicare Advantage HMO

HMO plans are affordable and offer great benefits. To shop for a Medicare Advantage HMO in your area, contact Medicare Advisor of Louisiana LLC to get a free quote on coverage.